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Moving Tips to Share

It’s May, lots of things are happening. You might perhaps find yourself attending graduations, landing a new job, or perhaps moving to a new place.

A year ago, I moved from Indy to Philly. For the record, let me just say that moving itself is not fun… at all. Organizing, packing, finding a moving company, an endless to-do list right in front of you.

And so, I’ll take this chance to share some moving tips with you all. I hope you’ll find this helpful should you plan to move anytime soon.

Know that these tips are based on my situation – moving from Indiana to Pennsylvania, with my husband and our cat, one truckload, and one car. Here it goes:

- Collect moving boxes.

If buying moving boxes is not included in your budget, you may want to post a note at work and ask co-workers to help collect boxes for you. You can also go on eBay or Craigslist to buy used moving boxes in bulk. Lastly, you can also opt to go to your local grocery store before they close to see if they have extra boxes to give away. 

- Get your stuff organized.

I color-coded all my stuff in an excel sheet with a brief description. Why? So that I’ll know where my stuff is and what’s in it without even opening a box.

How did I do it? I bought colored stickers and a gold black sharpie to write the numbers and stick them on the boxes.

    - Find a moving company.

      Do your research! Finding a good moving company that offers services that are within your budget is NOT easy. Hop on to their website or fan pages and read their reviews, company ratings, and even get coupons from there. I personally recommend Angie's List as they have done a wonderful job for our small family. Also, treat your movers with respect. It’s an intense labor so providing them with water, snacks or pizza shouldn’t be a big issue.

      - On your moving day.

        Whether you’re hiring a moving company or you’ll have friends come to help you move, you need to have a solid plan. This includes:

        1. Storing computer, jewelry, and other valuable stuff in your own car.
        2. Covering fragile furniture with foams and cloth.
        3. Giving clear instruction to movers on how to handle fragile items to avoid damage during the moving process.
        4. Print and hang your color-coded sheet on a place where everybody can see it in your new place. This is to let your movers know where to put your boxes and furniture without asking you.

              - Traveling with pets.

              I’d recommend consulting with your vet. I had a 15 years old cat that time and my vet prescribed sleeping pills for my cat. Voila! She slept half way through and woke up a couple hours before we arrived at our destination. It was a scary experience for her, but she made it.      

              How about you? What activities are you up to this month? Tell me about it or you can even share some of your very own moving tips in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you!

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